Frequently Asked Questions

OMG It's Fog! What about the smoke alarms?
Don't Panic!!! It's not fog. At least not in the common application used in theater or events. Water is held internally in a reservoir and our effect breaks down water molecules into it's component particles (smaller than 5 microns - about the size of a red blood cel) producing a dry, cold temporary atmosphere that is forced down a high velocity air channel. The resulting atmosphere evaporates quickly becoming air. There is no haze or fog particulates, and the effect will NEVER set off any smoke alarms or fire suppression systems.

How large is the setup? What kind of floorspace does it take up?
In it's full glory, the tunnel entrance takes up a footprint of 12 feet wide x 18 feet deep x 11.5 feet high. This is done to create the perspective of walking down a tunnel through the effect as well as to accommodate multiple guests entering the event space at the same time. The tunnel length and height can be shortened to some degree if required or if necessary, so we can reconfigure the design to suit your specific requirements. It is important to remember that the device itself measures 8 feet wide x 3 feet high (with rigging) x 2 feet deep and for safety purposes, it must be trimmed at a height of about 7 feet to accommodate tall guests walking underneath so there is a minimum footprint required to set up the effect.

Can you customize the effect? Does it have to be used in a tunnel configuration?
Of course we can customize the effect for you! The tunnel configuration is just one way your guests can enjoy the effect. The FogScreen can be freely suspended in any configuration or built into custom scenery or set pieces as desired. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as: Product Launches (drive a car through it's own image or branding onto a stage or enter guests into the venue through the product branding), Fashion Shows (models present on stage through their own images or brand imagery) or Weddings & Events (guests of honor can present through their own imagery or logos). These are just a few examples, the possibilities are endless!

What imagery can be played on the effect?
The only limitation is your imagination! Anything that can be projected can be played on the effect. Motion graphics and logos or text work best as do photos and video. We have even used high powered lasers to create a high tech look for special purposes! When deciding on content, keep in mind that because it is an atmosphere and not a flat surface, there will be some variation in the image. We have a full library of ambient motion video, imagery and text generators that can be used on the effect or we can work with your content creators to produce the perfect effect for your brand or event theme!

What if the tunnel is used as both an entrance and exit? Won't the images be reversed on the other side of the effect?
Yes. The standard setup produces imagery on the entrance side only. The effect can be seen from both sides but if text or images are part of the effect, they will appear reversed on the exit side of the effect. We can easily add additional equipment to project imagery on both sides of the effect. This can be identical or completely different content depending on the effect you wish to produce. This way you will be able to fine tune your guest's entrance as well as their exit experience!

Can we play an audio track to go along with the video?
Yes, a discrete speaker system can be added to the effect to play audio.

How long does it take to set up? What are the load in and set up requirements?
In most cases, the system can be fully set up in about 2 to 2.5 hours. Particularities from venue to venue will increase or decrease this time. Since the road cases are large and heavy, it is preferable to have truck access to the loading dock or loading area as well as unobstructed wheels access from the loading area to the final position within the venue. A site visit should always be performed to determine load in logistics and set up positions. If freight elevators are to be utilized, it should be determined prior to the event date if the road cases can fit in the elevators. Additional labor will be required if climbing of any stairs, platforms or level changes are involved in the setup. An on-site storage area for empty cases is preferred as returning empty cases to the truck will add additional time to setup and breakdown.

Only one 120v/20a circuit (standard Edison) is required for power and this can be located anywhere near the effect location. Access to clean running water (anywhere in the venue) is required to fill the small water tank.